Tuesday, November 3, 2009

at Bateau Bay

The Mobile Men's Shed gets around .. here on its visit to the Bateau Bay Men's Shed...

The chaps are moving the trailer by hand .. despite having some pieces of equipment on boards, the trailer is quite light and manauverable.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nailing Depression

The Mobile Men's Shed was down at the Pelican Feeding Area at the The Entrance foreshore this morning. An early start to greet Dave Betts as he arrived at The Entrance finalising his journey from Port Macquarie. 

Dave is raising funds to address the important issue of depression, especially in men. Dave is donating part of the funds raised and in-kind contributions to the Men's Sheds on the Central Coast.

Dave has named his project "Nailing Depression"  and intends to use his kayak "the Hammer" to do just that.

Men from The Entrance, Bateau Bay and Gosford were all out at the early hour to greet Dave as he and his team.  Dave was still paddling strongly supported by kayakers from Norah Head and Soldiers Beach.

This was an enormous effort by Dave, not only to do the paddle but the logistics and fundraising with sponsors has been an enormous task. The support of Mingara Recreation Club has been an enormous help to Dave and were also on hand to greet him at the end of his journey.

The Mens Sheds of the Central Coast are very appreciative of the efforts Dave has made on our behalf.

The Mobile Men's Shed and the men supporting it enjoyed the morning at the waterfront.

Thanks Dave and Mingara!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Constuction Finished - Launch Day

That looks good.

At every angle.

John checking out the shed.

Getting hitched up.

 Off we go, ready for all those events.


Alan H makes the Presentation of a Bowl he has turned to Darlung while Jack, also of Wesley Mission, looks on from behind and KMS own Peter J also looks on with a big smile. This was after KMS handed over the Mobile Men's Shed.