Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Walk in the Park

The Mobile Men's Shed was out for A Walk in the Park today.

A Walk in the Park coincides with National 'Stress Less' day ...this year the focus is on 'Good friends help us bounce back'
The aim was to bring the community together for a relaxing, fun day out in Kibble Park and to showcase the many activities and community services available right here on the Central Coast.
At the same time raising awareness about the importance of mental health and wellbeing.
The Gosford Men's Shed led by John Welland were ready in the park to talk about their shed, engage in tissue box construction and enjoy the atmosphere of Kibble Park.

Well done Gosford Men's Shed !!

........ and many thanks to Kincumber Men's Shed for delivering the trailer to Kibble Park after a successful stint at Empire Bay.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chain Valley Bay

Chain Valley Bay planned some craft and art actvities during the School Holidays and asked if the Mobile Men's Shed could put in an appearance.   There were sounds of banging and nailing all morning and into the afternoon as local boys and girls were nailing up the "tissue box projects". Some do this on their own, some do it with the mum or dad but all enjoy the process of assembling these projects themselves by hand.
Many of the completed projects were taken into the hall for decoration and painting. Some fine projects were taken home on the day.

Thanks for the tow from Empire Bay to John Roberts of the Benevolent Society.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Returning from Congress

The Mobile Men's Shed returning from the Central Coast Community Congress.

With the sides down and the "Men's Sheds" signs on public display the Mobile Men's Shed is a rolling adverisement for Central Coast Sheds.

Thanks to John Roberts, The Benevolent Society for towing the trailer back to The Entrance Men's Shed. 

Thanks too for John Welland of Gosford Mens Shed towing the trailer for its successful outing to the Congress promoting Men's Sheds to community workers and interstate visitors over the two day event.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mobile Shed visits NAIDOC week at Gosford Showground

Darren was hard at work making up the tissue box projects with the kids and parents at the Naidoc celebration.

The kids had a relentless interest in what the project was, how to do it and then how to decorate it aferwards. A very successfuld day ....

There were three tables with four construction stations on each. The clamps hammers and cups of nails were in high demand all day.

Kids employed the assistance of dad and brothers, grandads and uncles along with mums and sisters to assemble their "tissue box projects". Some of the more skilled kids just started helping others to clamp and hammer their boxes ... a great collaborative community effort !!!

One of the tissue box projects decorated on the day with whatever was to hand.

There were some very well made boxes and well decorated on the day.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mobile Mens Shed at The Entrance

The Mobile Men's Shed forms a backdrop to activities at The Entrance Men's Shed.

The trailer has had a well sheltered and secured residence at The Entrance Mens Shed. The trailer has been well protected behind double security fences.

At night the trailer is in a well lit environement. During the Day the Community Centre is a place of activity and that provides excellent passive security.

Photo: Darrol and Wayne working at projects 
on the outside benches at The Entrance Men's Shed

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Family Fun Day

The Mobile Men's Shed early in the morning of the Wyong Family Fun Day.

Confusing because the Family Fun Day took place in The Entrance Public School.....

Nonetheless there were plenty of families attending the event and partaking of face painting, drumming and of course the activities at the Mobile Men's Shed. . . .

Up until this event the Mobile Men's Shed has been used as a passive display station at most local events and occasionally with the lathe or scroll saw as a demonstration of shedders skills.

The organisers of the Wyong Family Fun Day were keen to have exhibitors with activities that would engage participant's, especially the children attending.

Fortunately, The Entrance Men's Shed had manufactured some community engagement kits for the imminent Dad's Day Out. The "Tissue Box Projects" include a cut out top, two sides and two ends packaged up with tape and including some sandpaper to finish up the job. Just add a hammer, clamp and few nails and there is the potential to engage children and adults in healthy collaborative activity.

Just ten of these projects were brought to the Family Fun Day for a trial!!! 

Heaven help us ... the first boy that came to the shed asked what do you have ... and commenced his first project ... the hammering noise attracted more customers and .......the ten boxes were used up within a half hour!!!

Short on hammers and nails .. and fast running out of projects.. more were brought from The Entrance Men's Shed .. in all about 40 boxes were made during the day .. eventually running out of boxes for a second time.

As the day progressed, not only did the kids make the boxes, they taught each other, engaged dads, mums, uncles brothers and grandparents in the construction of their projects ... collaborative communities in action.

For the Mobile Men's Shed first community participation event this was a resounding success!!   However, there were of course some lessons from the overwhelming enthusiasm .... more hammers .. smaller hammers.... more mitre clamps ... more brads .... more volunteers ...and more work areas. All lessons that will contribute the success of these community engagement projects in the future.

Lester's sign "Mens' Sheds" was a great success for advertising the Mobile Shed and keeping the activity area safe.

An activity that includes children (and adults) using hammers and nails has some potential for banged fingers or pierced skin but not one accident was recorded. Placing us next to the First Aid Station may have been expedient but on the day unnecessary.

Since this event the Mobile Men's Shed has been requested at many more community events ... with the request that we provide the "Tissue Boxes" to keep kids, adults and organisers busy and smiling!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

in the landscape

The Mobile Trailer at  The Entrance Men's Shed in the beautiful landsaped environs of The Entrance Community Centre.

A secure home for the Mobile Men's Shed.

Thanks to The Entrance shedders for looking after this valuable asset for Central Coast Men's Sheds and for the wider community.